The Man with the Plan

The Man with the Plan

So I promised a plan, and I have one. This worked for me several years ago. It’ll work for me again. I maintained it for a year. Then I fell off the bandwagon. Why? Because this is the most extreme form of my eating plan. I never got around to doing one that I could maintain once I reached my target weight. That one would have been a medium-carb diet as opposed to a low-carb diet. So, I need to work on that, and I’ll post it once I have it. But enough of that. Let’s dive in!

Things you need to know

I didn’t come up with this on my own. There. I said it. I’m not a diet guru. Good heavens! Would I weigh almost 280 if I were? Anyway, that being said, my source material for this diet plan — Ugh! I hate that. “Diet Plan.” Let’s go with “Paradigm Shift” or “Eating Plan” or something else — comes from two books: Sugar Busters and Transcend.

Sugar Busters was a good book. Very readable. Easy to understand. I liked it. You’d learn a lot just from picking it up.

Transcend was fascinating. You have to look past a lot of the caveman blathering (much like you do with Paleo blogs), but the science and medical portions are well written and engaging. How does a heart attack actually happen? What starts it? Fascinating chapter. I wish I’d paid more attention to it. I might have avoided my double bypass.

Anyway, what’s done is done. Let’s move on from here to a more healthy you (and me!).

Download the Live and Flourish Eating Plan. [Update: I’ve tweaked it slightly and made a low-carb version (the original) and a moderate-carb version (which really only includes the addition of whole grain breads and pastas).]

~ Live and Flourish ~

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the Live and Flourish blog.

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