The posts in this section of the site will originate (for the most part) from my blog, Visible Pooka. My wife and I love Harvey, the old black-and-white with Jimmy Stewart that tells the tale of Elwood P. Dowd and his friend Harvey, a six-foot-three invisible rabbit.  Harvey is a pooka (alternately spelled Phouka, Puca, Púka, Pwwka or Pwca in Welsh, and a variety of other ways).  I’ll give the definition of one as read by Mr. Wilson, one of the bit players in that movie.

POOKA: “From old Celtic mythology – a fairy spirit in animal form – always very large. The pooka appears here and there – now and then – to this one and that one – a benign but mischievous creature – very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?”

A “mischievous creature.”  That fits nicely, if you ask me.

I’d also like to thank my friend, Clint Cline, for allowing me to alter one of his photos (©Clint Cline 2010) and turn it into the banner above.  It appeared at just the moment I was looking for a suitable illustration.  I shadowed out the original rabbit and retained the reflected image in the mirror. … a Visible Pooka if ever I saw one.  Again, many thanks to Clint for his generosity!