About Me

About Me

There are a lot of Kenneth Ervins in the world. I’m sure they’re all fascinating. … Except for that one Kenneth Ervin. We don’t like to talk about him. (If you’re a Kenneth Ervin, you know exactly the one of whom I speak. Dreadful!) But I’m a particular Kenneth Ervin. I’m a writer. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t be running a blog. Of course, “I write, therefore I am a writer,” isn’t exactly sound philosophy. Time will tell, I suppose.

I’m the son of a Kenneth Ervin, which makes me a Kenneth Ervin, Jr. Except, my mother didn’t like the “Jr.” part, so she made sure I was a Kenneth Ervin, II. Her father was a James, Jr., and the family always called him “Junior” — even when he was in his 60s. My dad fancies it, though. The “II,” not the “Jr.” He says it makes it easy for folks to see that it’s not him writing all those wild and fanciful things.

Me? I kinda like to think of myself as “Kenneth Ervin, the Sequel. Never as good as the first one, but we try.” I’ll never live up to the original, but I’m sure going to shoot for that standard. My dad’s an excellent man, a Godly man, a man of high character and impeccable integrity. … I’m tryin’, Dad. I’m tryin’.

As for my wild and fanciful side, I’m a poet at heart. All else comes second, although, I do love to spin a good yarn every now and again. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes brutally honest, I can pick the lock to your heart and win you over just as quickly as I can torch the place. (I promise to not set too many fires. Don’t worry!)

This Kenneth Ervin, to be honest, is still finding his way in the world. So sit back, laugh with me, cry with me, and — on occasion — recoil in horror with me. I promise you won’t be bored.